MinePlex Demands Rebuttal to Defamatory Allegations by VTV Channel

• MinePlex, a Singapore-registered cryptocurrency company, is taking legal action against VTV Channel for trying to damage the blockchain project’s reputation.
• The company has full legal bases and operating conditions, never claimed to be a traditional bank, and never promised profits.
• MinePlex denies accusations of being a Ponzi scheme by pointing to their launched ecosystem and published tech details.

Defamation Cases Against Media Outlets

Defamation cases against media outlets happen all over the world but the legal practice varies hugely depending on factors such as geography and industry. Projects in new fields like blockchain are frequently exposed to debatable practices in journalism. As the blockchain market matures though, potential defamation cases arise in response to such practices.

MinePlex Taking Legal Action

The Singapore-registered cryptocurrency company MinePlex is ready to take legal action against VTV Channel for trying to damage its reputation. An official letter was sent from the company demanding issuing a rebuttal to false allegations presented on March 9th, 2023 regarding their operations. The channel had published an article claiming that MinePlex was operating illegally as an electronic bank and seducing participants into a pyramid scheme.

Proof of Legitimacy

In the letter sent, MinePlex provided proof of legitimacy including that they are registered in Singapore under MINEPLEX PTE. LTD., with registration number 202025952D; have passed KYC team check from international company CertiK; and have never claimed themselves to be a traditional bank, instead informing customers that they partner with banks for financial related services such as payment cards.

No Promise of Profits

The company also denies ever promising profits- noting that it was taken out of context during an interview where Fyodor Bogorodsky mentioned possible growth of token price but within no context implying any guarantee or promise whatsoever which could be held against them legally if not clarified properly herewith.

Ponzi Scheme Allegations Denied

Finally, MinePlex strongly denies accusations of being a Ponzi scheme by pointing out their launched ecosystem including associated tech details which demonstrate clearly that it is indeed an active project with significant plans underway for continued development and improvement of services available for customers worldwide going forward – thereby disputing any claims made about this matter by malicious parties looking only at their own interests rather than those affected by their actions or lack thereof respectively herein specified hereinafter