St. Maarten to Adopt TRON as Legal Tender, TRX Price to Soar

• St. Maarten has expressed interest in adopting TRON as legal tender. • TRON’s architecture is dispersed into three layers: the Storage Layer, the Application Layer, and the Core Layer. • Decentralization is the focus of the TRON project which facilitates the smooth transfer of money between users. On January 24, Justin Sun, TRON Founder, […]

aSOPR Retest Could Signal BTC Market Regime Shift

• The Bitcoin Adjusted Spent Output Profit Ratio (aSOPR) is retesting the historical bull-bear junction. • A successful retest of the 1.0 level could signal a regime shift in the BTC market. • The 7-day EMA value of the metric has sharply risen recently and is approaching the 1.0 level. The Bitcoin Adjusted Spent Output […]

25-Year-Old Records $7M Profit From Crypto Trading Desk at Home

• A 25-year-old registered a million-dollar-worth trading company at his parents’ house, successfully trading over $2 billion in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. • The trading desk, PO Street Capital, scored a $7 million profit in 2021 and a 1,400% profit when compared with 2020. • As Bitcoin revisited its all-time high at $20,000 in late […]